Mason's Adjusco MisSion Trip

During the recent spring break Mason went on a Mission trip to Adjusco,  Mexico. While in Mexico,  Mason and  his team built a cafeteria and two dorms for the local residents. This year was the second of  two years spent on the Adjusco Mission base. Last year Mason and his team built  two dorms  and a church. The Mission property now includes  four dorms,  one church and one cafeteria. These buildings were funded and hosted by Sierra Grace fellowship so that the people of nearby towns can come to a welcoming and safe place to learn about the gospel. On this mission trip, there was a total of 22 hours spent in a truck and 1220 miles covered to reach the isolated town. We spent a total of 5 days in Adjusco not just building but reaching out to the local community. There were a total of 90 students that went this year, out of those 90 about 20 were involved with construction. The other 70 kids went to local towns during the day to interact  with  the local people, mostly children. They did activities such as face painting, puppets and other games. 



Employee wins first place at Auburn Community Festival

Mason Sage took home first place in the scarecrow contest  October 18th, during the 18th annual Auburn Community Festival. This festival is a "Harvest Festival" with tons of fun for kids and adults. You and your family can enjoy seeing over 25 displays from local artists, pumpkin painting and a costume contest. Other entertainment includes live music from the local bands, pumpkin growing contests, recipe contests and walking around looking at the scarecrows. The largest pumpkin this year weighed in at over 1,000 pounds. This was just one of the many things happening this fall in the small town of Auburn. An Indian Pow Wow, an amazing display of Indian culture was just walking distance from the Community Festival.

Mason Sage took home first place with "The Chill Crows", A band of automated hippy scarecrows that play instruments. One hippy scarecrow tapped his foot and played the drums, while another swung to the beat of the music while playing the guitar.

Mason is a local employee here at Newcastle Ministorage and is currently a senior at Placer High School. He plans to attend Sierra College and get his A.S. degree from one of the best Mechatronics programs in the state. He works on the weekends, stop in and say Hi!

Auburn Community Festival's 1st Place Winner, and Peoples Choice Awarded to "The Chill Crows"

Auburn Community Festival's 1st Place Winner, and Peoples Choice Awarded to "The Chill Crows"